Emotional BOOTCAMP

It isn't PAINFUL to deal with your problems... It's PAINFUL to do NOTHING!
A powerful, rapid, action program that uses Advanced Thinking Skills to simultaneously heal the heart, Manage the Mind
to achieve Emotional INDEPENDENCE.




WHAT IS YOUR HONOR CODE? The missing link to Manage your Mind.
Inspiration / Motivational / Transformational

Put yourself FIRST... To be healthy, free and YOU
This step by step, bullet pointed, breakthrough manual, also described as an "emotional directory", takes you through a journey of truth, solutions and ...Read more...



Corporate/Small Business - Troubleshooting and Restructuring

As a boss, supervisor or a manager we find that frustration, stress and anxiety are common emotions felt in day to day business. How do we balance it all? How do we not let it interfere with our emotions, issues and opinions? It is possible.
It's all about ...



"I have spent 9 years in heavy therapy and with Ingrid, things became clearer in just 5 sessions. Those sessions took less time and were more therapeutic than my 9 years of grief. It really is all about you."
—Shauna, "Calabasas" More testimonials...

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